White fillings

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We understand that many patients prefer not to have silver fillings for aesthetic reasons. With today’s advances in modern dentistry materials, white fillings are proving very successful and long lasting.

Unlike silver fillings (also known as amalgam), the material used for white fillings can form edges and can therefore offer more restorative flexibility, including repairing front teeth.

What is a white filling

We use white fillings which are made of a biocompatible composite resin. They are cured in the mouth using a blue light. This sets the filling material within about 20 seconds and the tooth is immediately available for use.

In cases where the area to be restored is too large, a more suitable option may be to have a computer generated porcelain restoration made, which is then bonded to the tooth. This provides strength and durability for the affected tooth.

Using the latest digital technology, we offer this form of advanced restorative treatment to prepare a hard wearing and perfectly fitted porcelain inlay in one visit. This type of filling is called a CEREC and can also be used where the tooth may not be strong enough to safely use conventional filling materials.

The procedure explained

This is something that is probably all too familiar with most people as “having a filling” is one of the most common forms of dental treatment.

  • We usually start by anaesthetising (numbing) the area with a local anaesthetic, although for small fillings this may not always be necessary
  • We then remove any decay and any old filling material
  • We may also remove any weak part of the tooth which we think may have a high risk of breaking later
  • We then wash and dry the tooth before coating the surface to be restored with a bonding agent (or cement), place the filling material and shape as required
  • Your filling is then “cured” by shining a special light on it, before we then trim and polish it to achieve a good cosmetic result and ensure the bite feels comfortable

Frequently asked questions about white fillings

How much does a white filling cost ?

The price of a white filling can be variable, depending on the size and type of filling used, and can vary from dentist to dentist.We believe we provide very good value for money and discuss prices and materials options with you before any treatment. See our fees list here…

Are white fillings noticeable ?

No. The materials used for white fillings come in a range of shades so they can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth.